Volunteer Spot

Volunteer Spot

Cups is now using Volunteer Spot to fill shifts at the cafe. It’s a secure, well structured system to help non-profits like ours do a better job of organizing volunteers. You don’t need a username & password; only an e-mail address & personal invite from me to access the schedule. There is even an App for iPhone in the App Store (cost is $1.99)!

Things to Note

  • Patience: Change takes time. Learning something new takes time. So please be patient and gracious with one another through the process.
  • Overlap: We are transitioning from signing up for shifts on a paper calendar at Cups to signing up online. There will be overlaps, double bookings (not everyone has an e-mail address). Again, we’re asking for your patience & understanding.
  • Alternate: Please do not sign up for every shift you want for the next few months. There are 40 volunteers serving at Cups. (This is a BLESSING, praise God!) It’s my desire to give everyone opportunities to serve Jesus. So maybe choose a shift or two every other week (alternate) only a month at a time.
  • Convenience: The benefit of online signups is that you can check your shifts, & any unfilled shifts, from the comfort of your home computer, smartphone or tablet. You can even use the computer at Cups to signup. So, again, there’s no need to grab every spot available today. Let’s work together to give everyone an opportunity to sign up and serve.
  • Comments: Volunteer Spot has some social media attributes. You can post a comment in the comment box to communicate with the team if you’re gonna be late for a shift or have to leave early, or if you’re bringing food. I think you’ll find it useful!
  • Notifications: You will receive e-mail reminders a day or two before your shift in case you forget when you signed up. You can also choose to import shifts directly into Google calendar, Outlook Calendar or iPhone calendar.
  • Can’t make it for a shift? No problem. Just go online from wherever you are and remove your name from that shift! Or, choose to Swap a shift with another volunteer.
  • Start Date: You can sign up today but the online shift calendar begins August 1. The last week of July is still on paper at Cups Cafe.
  • Questions? Totally Confused? See Tim! I’ll gladly show you how to maneuver these new waters 🙂

How to Sign Up at Volunteer Spot

  1. Click the invite link in your e-mail inbox (or click the Volunteer Spot button to your right on this website)
  2. Enter your e-mail address twice, then click Next or Enter
  3. Find the Date & Shift you want & click Sign Up button
  4. Enter a phone number where we can reach you, deselect boxes if you don’t want spam & click Save & Close

How to find the Shifts you’ve Signed Up for

  1. Choose to import them into your calendar & simply check that calendar
  2. Visit VolunteerSpot.com
    1. Click Find My Sign-Up
    2. Enter your e-mail address & click submit
    3. You’ll get an e-mail with a link, click the Volunteer Shifts link in your e-mail inbox
    4. Voila! Now you can view shifts & sign up for more shifts

Volunteer Appreciation Picnic

Plan on attending our inaugural Volunteer Appreciation Picnic on Sunday August 2 from 4:30-6pm at the pavilion at Jump Park on the corner of N. Harmony St. & E. Homestead St. I’m cooking for you! Promise to keep it short. Simply a time to eat, fellowship together as a team, and receive recognition & love for your hard work this year. RSVP at Cups in the volunteer office so I can prepare enough food.

Summer Hours

Summer Hours will end August 19th. That is the first day of school for Medina City Schools. We will go back to 3, two hour shifts: 10-12pm, 12-2pm, 2-4pm. You’ll see this adjustment online at Volunteer Spot.

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