Ride Against Hunger


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7th Annual

Ride Registration Form 2021

EVENT: Ride Against Hunger

DATE: Saturday June 19, 2021


PLACE: Cups Cafe 126 N. Court St. Medina, OH 44256

**NEW THIS YEAR: Ride Against Hunger on the wheels of your choice! Bikes and cars welcome. Rain or Shine. Cars and motorcycles will be kept apart and will travel alternate routes.**

64144_10154428066185713_4613575177567987240_nThe purpose of our charity ride is to raise awareness of hunger in Medina County and generate support for Cups Cafe; a non-profit organization existing to freely feed the hungry in our community.

We’ve combined the game of golf and motorcycling to create a fun, unique event. Our ride is similar to a poker run. However, instead of drawing a card to make a poker hand, riders are given a 9-hole Scorecard. They’ll stop at various locations (a.k.a. holes) and will draw a numbered golf ball from a bag. The number on the ball is their score for that hole.

There’s a $100 cash prize for the lowest Scorecard, $25 for highest Scorecard. We’ve also planned plenty of other surprises for the participants of Ride Against Hunger. So prepare yourself for a truly memorable experience, visit Facebook.com/cupscafe for photos of last year’s Ride, and oh yeah…almost forgot…you should probably brush up on your putting skills.

Motorcycles and cars are welcome. So bring the wheels of your choice! Motorcycles will be sent on a different route than cars. Families are also encouraged to attend.

Registration Options (Pre-Registration deadline June 12, 2021)

Instructions: Fill in the fields below and pay at the end using paypal. You’ll be pre-registered. Or open and download a printable version to bring with you the day of the event or mail to: Cups Cafe PO Box 83 Medina, Ohio 44258.

  • Printable Ride Registration Form 2021
  • Online Registration Form


How much does it cost?

$25 per person + 1 can of soup (includes 1 Scorecard)

Click for the Registration/Sponsor Form >>Ride Registration Form 2021

What’s the can of soup for?


The soup will go in Cups Cafe’s pantry where it will be served at Cups to feed a hungry guest or given away to a person or family in need of food. Please bring it with you on the day of the event. Remember, we are Riding Against Hunger.

What do I get with my entrance fee?

  • A warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that your can of soup donation is going to help feed a hungry kid.
  • Complimentary Coffee & donuts in the morning.
  • The motorcycle golf course ride.
  • Complimentary lunch.
  • An opportunity to see a local non-profit organization feeding the hungry in Medina in a unique way.
  • And after this past winter, the perfect excuse to blow the dust off your scooter, enjoy some well deserved sunshine, and feel the warm summer wind blowing through your hair. (What more could you ask for?)

Is my entrance fee tax-deductible?

No. We will not issue tax-deductible receipts for your entrance fee, because we are providing a product and/or service. However, at any time, you can make a financial contribution to Cups Cafe. In fact, you’ll have an opportunity to do so at the event. In other words, checkbooks are allowed to attend. (It’s for the kids.)

Are there first or second place cash prizes?

Yes. The participant with the lowest score will receive $100 cash and must be present to win. The participant with the highest score will receive $25 cash and also must be present to win.

10250233_10154428078290713_2171795607307805267_n-2What happens if it rains or I can’t make it?

Rain or Shine. Drive your car.

Can I purchase multiple score cards?

Yes. Additional scorecards will be available for purchase the day of the event for $10. Additional mulligans will also be sold the day of the event for $5 each with a limit of 2 mulligans per scorecard. A mulligan can be used as a free ball draw for a chance at a better score or removal of one stroke from your scorecard. Must be purchased the day of the event and before participating in the Ride.

Do I have to sign a waiver?

Yes. Everyone must sign a waiver to ride. The waiver will be signed and witnessed the day of the event. After reading and signing, the participant will be given a wristband.

Is there a chance to win other prizes?

Yes. This is a fundraising event. We will offer a “pick-a-prize” style raffle and silent auction items. Again, the purpose of the event is to raise money so Cups Cafe can keep feeding the homeless, needy, and hungry kids after school. Bring your bike, some cash, a checkbook, and arrive ready to RIDE AGAINST HUNGER!

This Ride Against Hunger event sounds cool. Are you looking for sponsors?

10449517_10154428030050713_8332126315661085945_n-2YES! There are several sponsor levels for this ride.

Hole Sponsor $50: There are 9 available. Your business/logo will be mentioned on a sign at a designated stop along the route.

Map Sponsor $100:  10 spots available. Your business/logo will be mentioned on the map given to all Riders.

Score Card Sponsor $200: 4 spots available. Your business will be mentioned on the score card given to all Riders.

Event Sponsor $500: Your business/logo will be placed on two large banners for all to see at Cups Cafe the day of the event.

Click here for the Sponsor form >>Ride Registration Form 2021