Remembering All The Vegetarians

“What’s Memorial Day?” the little girl asks while swallowing a spoonful of frosted flakes.

How the conversation between Darlene (a volunteer) and the student led to discussing Memorial Day, I’ll never know.

“It’s a day when we remember everyone who lost their lives in all the wars,” says Darlene. “You know, all those veter…”

The small boy sitting at the bar interrupts Darlene. With great confidence and index finger pointing to the sky he shouts, “ALL THOSE VEGETARIANS!”

Darlene looks at me.

“Yes,” I say to the boy. “All those military vegetarians, who made the ultimate sacrifice.”

We both nearly choked on our laughter. Ah, the words that come from the minds and mouths of young children. I wish I had time to share in writing all the fun and interesting and meaningful conversations that occur at Cups Cafe. Thank you for your prayers and monthly financial support and donations of supplies. Please…never forget our mission here in Medina.

The cafe truly is a place where the youth of Medina can feel safe, enjoy a free meal, and express their thoughts and emotions. I know I speak for all the volunteers when I say that it is a great privilege to serve the young people of Medina, and to have the opportunity to demonstrate compassion and charity in the name of Jesus Christ.

In all actuality, living this way is God’s will for all who believe. If you feel lost, uncertain of God’s will, confused about your purpose in life, please stop it. Seriously, in Christian love, knock it off. Scripture clearly states His will for you and for me.

One thing He wants us to do, as His dearly loved and chosen people is, “…clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience” (Colossians 3:12, NIV).

Sounds like an interesting outfit? One you can’t find in a department store. I challenge you to put on those clothes today. It’ll help you begin to remember our Lord and His great sacrifice.


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