2016 Spring Update

A Testament of God’s Command to Serve One Another

by Paige Wicks

One day, I needed Cups. And then, Cups Cafe needed me. I feel blessed! I completely loved serving Jesus through Cups Cafe. This ministry is truly a testament of God’s command to serve one another (Galatians 5:13). I have seen so much love and thankfulness. Who could ask for more?

There have been so many experiences that have touched my heart these last few months. To recall one story in particular, is about a man and his little four year old girl. He filed and received emergency custody of his daughter. They stayed with friends for a few weeks and then were asked to move out. He went to Operation Homes to start the process of getting help to find a place to live and was sent to Cups for food and emergency shelter.

We were able to help them with a hotel room, food and even had the blessing of one of our volunteers becoming a caretaker of the little girl when the man got a job. Recently, they visited Cups and again thanked us for the help we were able to give them. Only by the grace of God!

I am really going to miss the cafe and all the people who are a part of Cups. I truly believe God has a plan for me, and Cups is only the beginning. I am moving to Wilmington N.C., my girls will both be going to college down there and we wanted to be close, so I am moving our home base. I hope to find a job that will allow me to serve others just as I did here.

Thank you for all your love and support. I love you all very much.

Back in the Saddle

by Tim Van Arsdale

I’m alive, praise God! It was a long 6-8 weeks recovering from open heart surgery to repair my bicuspid aortic valve. I feel well and am grateful to be on this side of the grave. A huge thank you and pat on the back goes out to Paige for her time and love and energy while I was away. She did a wonderful job managing the day to day activities at Cups. We’re going to miss her!

A lot has changed while I was away. There’s new equipment, more organization, new donors, new relationships with students after school, and new volunteers. I’m excited to see the progress and can’t wait to get to know all the new servants.

You should know, this winter Cups Cafe handled 38 cases of homelessness. Many of these situations were made up of individuals in need, some were couples and even families without a place to stay. We spent $6500 on hotel rooms for these folks from designated donations given to us by anonymous donors. What a blessing!

As we maneuver through these warmer spring and summer months, we’ll see an increase in hungry guests during the day and teens after school who are in need of hope and salvation found by faith in Jesus Christ. Please consider sending in a gift or partnering with us through a monthly contribution. Cups needs your financial support and prayers to operate. We appreciate your consideration.

Like Paige, I also feel blessed to be part of the Church in action through the cafe. Our volunteers and board of directors took the reigns and guided this horse so I could heal. This really is a special ministry, and so it is good to be back in the saddle. Stop in to see how I’m doing. I’d love to chat over coffee and show you all the cool things our God is doing at Cups Cafe!

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